The Historical Pride of Homes Bungalow

With a rich history of more than 115 years, the resort has been a sweet home for powerful people since colonial times. This traditional looking cottage has once been the favourite hideout of Lord Mountbatten and it provided shelter for commissioned officers in the British army during the darkest days of Second World War. Take a visit to Home Bungalow and unearth more of the hidden tales from the past.

Homes Bunglow during early 1900s
Tea time at Homes Bungalow garden
Tea time at Homes Bungalow

Discover the splendid natural beauty hidden in the ancient city of Kandy

Homes Bungalow is a scenic nature resort situated in Yahalatenna, placed 8 kilometres from the historic heritage city of Kandy. It’s surrounding is absolutely breathtaking, bringing a calmness of rural life and breaking free from tedious urban life. Despite looking like an old cottage, Homes bungalow provides an array of unique services like comfortable living spaces, healthy Ayurveda treatments, a classical looking bar with the finest wines and a large billiard pool for your enjoyment. Enjoy your family time with leisure having a sip of warm coffee or tea in the beautiful garden surrounding the resort.

Spa massage in Homes Bungalow Kandy