Enjoy Real Food at Kandy Restaurants by Dining at Homes Bungalow

Like to try out dining in Kandy restaurants? Excellent among restaurants in Kandy, Dining in Kandy Homes bungalow offers you a wonderful chance to have a taste of traditional Sri Lankan food menus that are delicious in every manner. Modern food menus are prepared to meet your delight for food. After that, you can have a relaxing evening with a pleasant cup of tea. Make your nighttime a memorable one by visiting our bar and take a sip of your favourite drink with your close ones & make more lovely memories by staying in the best among top bungalows in Kandy.

Dining in Kandy with homes bungalow
tea time at Homes Bungalow in Kandy
serving breakfast at Homes Bungalow Kandy
roasted chicken for lunch at homes bungalow best restaurants in Kandy
Grilled Crabs for Lunch - Dining in Kandy with Homes Bungalow
healthy vegetable juices served in Homes Bungalow Kandy

Best Food Recipies among Top rated Restaurants in Kandy

Relieve your taste buds with delicious food recipes prepared by Homes Bungalow finest chefs. Get your lost appetite for food by simply having a bite from our attractive food menus.

Evening Tea time at homes bungalow with cakes and short eats

Cherish your Tea time with Homes Bungalow 

Enjoy mesmerizing tea time in the evening with your friends and family on our beautiful botanic garden-like outdoor. Witness the golden sunsets with full relaxation.

tea time in the beautiful botanical garden at homes bungalow kandy
lovely couple drinking tea at Homes Bungalow Kandy
Classic Cocktails Served by  Homes Bungalow Kandy
homes bungalow  Private bar

Private Bar at Homes Bungalow

Seeking for Private bars in Kandy…? The best place to chill in Kandy & to have a great night time with your close ones and savour the finest wines in the country from Homes Bungalow private bar. Enjoy great music and have a nice chat time with your pals.

Gallo wines served at  homes Bungalow  private bar- best among kandy restaurants